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Management Support

We provide one on one support to you in managing difficult employee relations issues, ensuring compliance with relevant employment legislation and sound HR practices. We assist you to develop strategies to manage and resolve those contentious staff issues, including performance problems and disciplinary issues.

Performance Management

The development of management tools, performance appraisal instruments and processes will enable you to manage and measure the performance of your employee. We provide assistance in developing methods and strategies to manage staff performance deficiencies, including attendance issues.

Staffing and Recruitment

Our strategic approach to hiring will ensure that you match the best people to your organization’s requirements. This includes assistance in development of job descriptions, job ads and selection criteria, and then assistance with applicant screening and interviewing. We can also assist with reference checking and the development of letters of offer and employment contracts.

Psychological Health and Safety

Implementation of the Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is an initiative many employers are considering. Let us help you develop your plan and support the change management process that often is required for a successful implementation.

Benefit and Pension Administration

We review your benefit plans and make recommendation for changes to meet your new and emerging needs. We have experience with both defined pension and defined benefit pension plans and can offer advice on either type of pension.

Disability Management and Return to Work Plans

Our experience in developing Return to Work Plans whether an employee is returning from an illness or workplace accident will provide both cost savings and result in better employee morale.

Salary and Position Administration

We can review your organizational structure, conduct a review of your job descriptions, and assist you to make changes to meet your emerging or future needs.

We review your salary structure and amend or develop salary grids, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation such as Employment Standards Act and the Pay Equity Act. Responding and assisting with payroll questions is a service we also provide.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our expertise in Occupational Health and Safety legislation and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims management will ensure you meet all legislative requirements.

Developing a Wellness Plan is an initiative that can prevent some workplace illnesses and accidents. A culture of safety and wellness supports employees and results in being cost effective for you as the employer.

Training and Development

We will assist you to develop training plans for individuals or groups and can provide customized on-site training for your staff.

Some examples of our workshops are: Effective Human Resources Management, Performance Management, Progressive Discipline, Harassment and Violence Prevention, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Standards.

Survey Development and Analysis

The creation of staff surveys is an important tool for employers to measure the health of their workplace. Our confidential and anonymous survey instrument encourages staff to provide honest feedback. We analyse the results and provide a report to you.

Workplaces that must meet Accreditation Standards are required to conduct Staff Satisfaction Surveys and then develop remedial plans to address any issues deemed deficient by the accrediting organization. Our experience meeting accreditation standards and developing remedial plans will support you meeting your accreditation requirements.

Boards of Directors also use feedback surveys in the assessment of their senior executive and if they are meeting the competencies and goals set for them. We work with Boards to develop these types of surveys, analyse the results and provide a summary report.

Employee/Labour Relations

We assist in the proper application of progressive discipline from verbal reprimands to letters of dismissal, ensuring each step is properly administered, documented, fair, consistent and most importantly, defensible.

We provide assistance in developing responses to grievances at all steps, ensuring compliance with time lines in Collective Agreements and preparation for Mediation, Arbitration and Human Rights Tribunal complaints, Employment Standards Branch complaints, etc.

We have significant experience developing bargaining positions and negotiating both renewal and new Collective Agreements and can provide assistance and support to your organization.

Human Resources Policies

We assist in the development of policies, procedures and processes to meet organizational requirements and ensure workplace policies, procedures and practices conform to legislative requirements such as Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code, Occupational Health and Safety, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, etc.

Managing in the current pandemic requires new and innovative policies relating to safety and working at home. We have developed these types of policies.

Harassment and Discrimination Investigations

We conduct investigations of complaints under the organization’s policy and as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Bill 168 and Bill 132 amendments. We conduct them in both non-unionized and unionized environments. If requested we will also provide recommendations in our investigation report that organizations have found very helpful.